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Welcome to the 10th
Dual Sport Desert Daze
& Arivaca Outback

Dual Sport Desert Daze is the premier Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycle gathering in the Western US and, still going strong in our 10th year, we're back with the Arivaca Outback.

Celebrating our 10th year in Southern Arizona, it's an exhilerating three days of the best on and off-road motorcycling.

RETURNING TO ARIVACA - Join us in beautiful Arivaca as we combine forces with Arivaca Outback!

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March 22-24, 2019

The Event



8 AM
Breakfast @ Gadsden Coffee House in Arivaca

Mix and match some of the local ride routes.

6 PM
Chili Dinner

Andy is making his A-1 chili.



8 AM
Breakfast @ Gadsden Coffee House in Arivaca
Coffe & Oatmeal served at Andy's for tent campers

Mix and match some of the local ride routes.


6 PM
BBQ dinner TBA
($20 suggested donation to cover the cost of food)



8 AM
Breakfast with Bacon - TBA
($20 suggested donation to cover the cost of food)

Mix and match some of the local ride routes.


6 PM
Meet for dinner - TBA


Monday - Head Home

Ride safe on your way home.


Basic Courtesy

Please be thoughtful of Andy's Place and the La Siesta Campground (for big RVs). Clean up after yourself and police the area.
Only have fires in designated fire-pits.
Be thoughtful of any non-event campers and avoid brapping of throttles and revving of engines.


Ride Your Own Ride


For all rides it is your choice to participate or not. You may choose to ride with someone else or ride by yourself. If you ride with others, take a few minutes to discuss your plans as a group. If you ride by yourself, take a few minutes to check in with a buddy and let them know your planned location and expected return time. Remember cell phones don't necessarily work in some remote areas. Take care of yourself and only do what you are comfortable doing!

Be aware that, even in early Spring, the desert can be a harsh place. Remember to carry AND DRINK plenty of water.

Participation is completely voluntary and, by act of participation, you accept 100% of any risk or liability that you may incur.


Ride Reminders


  • Carry and drink plenty of water.
  • If your motorcycle requires any specialized tool, make sure you have one in the event of a trail repair.
  • Only do what you are comfortable doing.
  • Consider riding with at least one other person and, at the very least, check in with someone regarding your route and expected return time if you choose to go out alone. Be aware that your cell phone may not work in some remote areas (or may pick up the Mexico provider and may not work even though you have signal). Don't count on it to get you out of a jam.
  • All routes are provided for convenience with no guarantees regarding the conditions or difficulty.
  • Participation is fully voluntary and you accept full responsibility for any damages, risks, injuries or liabilities you may incur.
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Please be respectful of the environment and pick up after yourself.
  • Check you speed (and dust) when approaching pedestrians, other vehicles, residential areas and horseback riders - be considerate of others.
  • Observe and obey all private property posted signs.
  • If you find a closed gate be sure to close it after you. If a gate is open, leave it open when you pass through.
  • If a group decides to ride together, please have a pre-ride meeting to discuss how the group will handle passing other vehicles, passing within the group, hand signals that may be used, damaged motorcycles, injured riders and route turns.
  • Be honest about your riding skills and comfort level and let others in your group (if you choose to ride in a group) know where you're at.
  • Honor private property and do not attempt to by-pass locked gates.
  • Please stick to established roads and trails.
  • Ride smart.
  • Have fun!

The NEW Location

Dual Sport Desert Daze & Arivaca Outback - Base Camp

All large RVs and trailered attendees are encouraged to camp at the La Siesta Campground located at 16005 W Hardscrabble Road. Call the campground to make a reservation (520-398-3132).

Folks who ride in and are tent camping can camp at Andy's Place which is located about 2 miles west of Arivaca @ mile marker 10 @ 18180 Arivaca/Sasabe Road.

Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM (by clicking Register on the menu).
We need to know you're coming so we can buy enough food (especially BACON).


RV Camping at La Siesta Campground

Free TENT Camping at Andy's

Please clean up after yourself and pitch in and help out.

Tent camping is free at Andy's place, for folks who ride in, on a first come basis. Overflow camping and large RV or TRAILERED in attendees are encouraged to camp at the La Siesta Campground.

Large RV camping should be reserved at the La Siesta Campground (520-398-3132).


Breakfast is dutch treat at the Gadsden Coffee House on Friday. Oatmeal will be available at the house for tent campers on Saturday. Dinner Friday is Andy's chili. Saturday Dinner and Breakfast on Sunday TBA (suggested donation is $20 per meal - that covers food for everyone).


The Rides


All ratings are based on riding one of the larger Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycles (think GS Adventure)

  • LEVEL ONE: pavement and graded dirt hard pack - great for noobs - a street bike can do this.
  • LEVEL TWO: combination of level one with some steeper hills and descents - possible sand, gravel and mild ruts. Still noob do-able but a little challenging for short sections.
  • LEVEL THREE: combination of levels one and two as well as short rocky sections, off camber sections and rough steep climbs and descents for short distances. Noobs are kind of wondering why anyone would call this fun and may need some encouragement.
  • LEVEL FOUR: combinations of the first three levels with long sections of rough trail - be prepared for sand washes, rocky ledges, rock gardens and tough ascents and descents - do-able on a big dual sport adventure motorcycle if you have skillz but more work than fun and you'll be wanting crash bars and skid plates. Fun on a little motorcycle. Not even remotely noob friendly.
  • LEVEL FIVE: still kind of do-able on the big dual sport adventure motorcycle but you'll need some really mad skillz as well as crash bars, skid plates and knobs (honey, is the insurance paid up?) - plan for washouts, boulders, baby heads, ledges, mud, sand, deep ruts and steep terrain - fun but challenging on a small motorcycle and really, really hard work on a big adventure motorcycle- it will likely go down multiple times and your riding buddies will be really over picking you up (but this is fun, right?).
  • LEVEL SIX: leave the big dual sport adventure motorcycle at camp 'cause this is a challenge even on a little motorcycle.


If you're riding a smaller motorcycle or have really mad skillz, you could probably subtract one from the difficulty rating and you should be out racing the Dakar!

The Rides

When you click on "gpx" a new window will open with the gpx text file written out. You may then "select all" and paste into a text file. Name the file whatever you want but be sure to end the name with .gpx instead of .txt.

Instead of doing that, you can "control click" gpx and then choose "download linked file as" to download the file to your hard-drive in the location that you choose. Your computer may try to append .txt to the file, don't let it. Make sure the file name ends with .gpx and it will then be ready to transfer to your gps device.

You can also click on the gpsies link to go to the gpsies site and download the gps files directly to your garmen gps device. Gpsies is a great site b/c you can easily reverse the route if you choose. The topo maps are nice, too.

If you need a FREE topo map of Arizona, you can download one from www.gpsfiledepot.com


Download the WHOLE ENCHILADA here:

North West


San Pedro River/Redington/Lemmon Area
SanPedro River Road
(1 on SPR, 2 on South end of Redington Rd)
gpx map gpsies
River Road to Mammoth (1)
gpx map
Mt Lemmon Black Hills Mine Road (3)
gpx map
Chimney Rock (4-5) (off Redington Road)
gpx map
Charouleau Gap (6+)
gpx map gpsies
Chiva Falls (6) (off Redington Road)
start point = N32 16.880 W110 37.972 map

Mammoth Area
Sibley Mansion (5-6)
gpx map
Mammoth/Klodike Road (aka Rug Road) (5-6)
gpx1 gpx2 map1 map2

Other NW Areas
Ironwood (2-3)
gpx map

Cochran Coke Ovens
(1 to Cochran, 3 to Ovens, 6 to Ovens from Florence)
gpx1 gpx2 gpx3 map1 map2 map3

gpx1 gpx2 map1 map2

South West


Arivaca Area (3)
gpx1 gpx2 gpx3 map1 map2 map3

Yellow Jacket Loop

Warsaw Canyon

BANWR sub-loop

Sasabe Border Ride

Back Border Spur

Arivaca/Jalisco Road to Tubac - the 684

Silver Coin Loop

Sierrita Mountain (3-4)
gpx map

Santa Ritas
Helvetia/Gunsite Pass (5-6)
gpx map
Fish Canyon (2-3)
gpx map
Kentucky Camp / Rosemont (1-2)
gpx map
Bull Springs (4-5)
gpx map

South East


Border Roads (1-4 depending on last grading)
gpx map

Chiracahuas (3-4)
gpx map

North East


Jackson Cabin (4-5)
gpx map

Klondike/Mammoth (see above Rug Road)


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